Tel Aviv MOST secret beach

Israel has been blessed with a long Mediterranean shore from the limit with Gaza in the south to the border with Lebanon in the north, along with the coast there are a lot of beautiful and different beaches. In the weeks to come, I’m going to visit every one of them.

And the first to go is

– The Tzuk Beach –

The Tzuk Beach is the most northern beach of Tel Aviv. Just a few steps away from the city of Herzliya. It is a beach with the best facilities in Tel Aviv, and it is also the only one which is not free of charge, meaning you’ll have to pay some amount to get in properly.


If you go a little bit north on a dirt road just before the entrance (where everyone parks their cars), you will be able to enter for free, without any consequence. We called it “The Breach” (in Hebrew: Ha-Pirtza).

“The Breach” is the only beach in Tel Aviv where you can have a natural view of all over the coast of Tel Aviv to the mosque of Jaffa. And it is also the only place in Tel Aviv where you can have a view over the beach from a natural terrace. There is no wave breaker here, so once it’s windy, it’s the perfect place for windsurfing/kitesurfing and even for surfing (just be careful with the rocks).


The best time to get here is just before the sunset



How to get there?

By Bus:

From Tel Aviv Bus Main Station (Levinski st.) take bus number #566 towards Rosh Ha-Hain (it passes along Dizengoff st.). Ask the bus driver to stop at Levinski College (on Namir Rd.). Then walk about 20 min to beach.

By Car:

Drive on Namir Rd to north all the way to “Unichman” st, turn left and continue straight all the way.

p.s – On “The Breach” part there aren’t lifeguards, only in the paid area. Keep safe!