4×4 Trip to Jordan – Day #2 Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum… It is so close to Israel but so much different than the views we have here! Nature is absolutely amazing

We began our way from Aqaba to Wadi Rum at the old Hijazi train station, the train meant to bring prayers to Mecca all the way from Istanbul through Damascus. The construction of the railroad stopped multiple times, one of them during the WWI when the local Arabs bombed the train as part of their resistance against the Ottomans. It was the first time I heard about Arabs fighting against the Ottomans.

Before arriving in Wadi Rum we stopped on a huge dune of sand and began to play on it, we climbed up and down the dune with our SUVs.

After playing around, we finally arrived to the Wadi Rum and its visitor center. First thing everyone noticed was the enormous rock formation called “The “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”.

And here began our 24 hours journey in Wadi Rum! And oh God, it was so breathtaking.
First of all, the landscape of the flat desert with so many rock formations that are thrown randomly (or not)

Second is the high range of colors of the desert, yellows, oranges, reds, violets… and even some greens. Everywhere we drove the color got changed

Third thing was the high amount of Bedouin camps around the Wadi. We entered two of them and they have been extremely friendly, they also were surprised to hear that we are Israelis. We stayed in one of the nicer camps in the desert. And had great meal over there with tasty lambs, and great Bedouin tea.

I felt it is a must to wake up at sunrise in Wadi Rum, and it was definitely spectacular

Last but not least, there are so many beautiful natural arches which creates beautiful natural frames

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