4×4 Trip to Jordan – Day #1 Eilat -> Aqaba

I dreamed a lot of time to cross the border and travel to Jordan, But never thought it is going to be that way!

My friend Amichay had mentioned for a long time that he is going to a 4×4 trip in Jordan with an Israeli group using his own Jimny. But only until two weeks before the trip I asked him about the details and how I could join. He didn’t have a place in his car, but we realized that I can partake in the stuff car! In the same moment, I called the guide and reserved my spot!

We were a group of 4 cars, and we met near Kibbutz Eilot just before Eilat. We introduced each other for the first time and went quickly to the border to pass to the other side.

On the border, we had to pay a fee and change our car licenses to Jordanian one. We bought some alcohol in the Duty-Free store and passed the border. On the Jordanian Side, we met our local guide Abdullah which is a close friend of our tour guide and also a fascinating man, a Bedouin that born in the caves of Petra and also knows to speak Hebrew very well (and other languages), more about him later.

Also, a Jordanian Policeman joined the group, this is the law for groups. Unfortunately, he didn’t speak English, and most of us didn’t speak Arabic (including me), so we couldn’t communicate with him that much and get to know him. Which is a shame, probably could tell delightful stories about living in Jordan and about serving the king.

After finishing all the border control bureaucracy, we finally arrived at Aqaba!

In Aqaba, we toured the local market, where we could buy Sweets, Herbs, Tea, Coffee, Keffiyeh and different velvets and fabrics.

After finishing the tour, Amichay, Alex and I went by ourselves in the city. We saw all the lucrative hotels of Aqaba – which are enormous, they look likes palaces, and one day I will definitely try them!

I think the most special part of the day was to look at Eilat from the other side for the first time. The Red Sea was also super quiet and clear and made us wanting to scuba dive here

We finished our day with a nice glass of the Whisky we bought on the Duty-Free.

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