Caesarea – Wave After Wave


Caesarea is a highly popular touristic site in Israel, and for a reason! It is a magnificent archaeological site from the Roman era, and in comparison to other places in Israel, most of it wasn’t ruined!!


But this is not the subject of the post. Don’t you remember? I’m visiting all the beaches of Israel this summer!

This weekend I’ve been to a self-awareness retreat which took place at the Water Sports Center of Caesarea. While the retreat, we had some long breaks to enjoy the location of being by the sea. And to digest all our experiences during the retreat.


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Wave after wave 🎶

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I paid attention that there are good beginner waves for surfing. I learned Surfing back then when I was backpacking South America, during my time In Florianopolis, Brazil. Since then, Surfing becomes one of my traveling hobbies. Whenever I travel, I look up for locations to surf. But as much as I love Surfing, I don’t practice it on a regular basis; it’s not that important to me than other things. But when I have the opportunity, I do it. And this weekend it was just in time.

After the one-hour surfing session, I got some writing inspiration, and I realized why I love surfing.

  1. It’s FUN and full of adrenaline.
  2. Surfing is retrying over and over.
  3. Surfing is getting into the water only to get back to shore.
  4. Surfing makes me practice patience.
  5. Surfing is about choosing which wave you take and which one you don’t.
  6. Surfing is to feel the right moment.
  7. Surfing makes me practice self-trust.
  8. Surfing is about seizing opportunities.
  9. Surfing is about elevating myself up on your two legs even though the chance of crashing is high.
  10. When I crash with the wave, I don’t have other option than losing myself to the power of the wave until it gets soft, resistance won’t help, but may break my back.
  11. Surfing is about feeling the ocean and understanding it.
  12. Surfing is about enjoying one wave, detach from it and continue to the next one.


If you have never tried Surfing, I’m inviting you to do so. I rent the surfboard at FreeGull. It was my first time using their service, and also surfing in this spot. Their service was good and thoughtful. They gave me useful tips about the surfing locations and some extra time for free. I didn’t try their guidance, but I guess it is as good as their service.

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