Dor Ha Bonim – The Most Picturesque Beach in Israel

Wow, This summer is going crazy!

Israel is so hot and humid these days, that even when I try to go for a short hike, I find myself laying on the beach eventually XD But this is for another post!

Today, I want to introduce you to one of the most beautiful gems on the Israeli Coast Line!
It’s a nature reserve called Dor-Habonim, which I’ve been there already twice this summer, in different parts of it. First time I went with Naama, my girlfriend, to Dor Beach near Kibbutz Dor, this is the south part of the reserve. It’s a beautiful beach consist of two lagoons, where you can lay on soft sand or go for the rocky area and take a cool panoramic picture of the beach or of the waves crashing on the rocks!

From the beach looking north, we saw a hill, and a trail to climb it up. Once we got to the top we found out Tel-Dor, it’s an archeological site of the biblical port city “Dor.” But enough with history 😉 We climbed up to get a panoramic view of the coastline!


On another day, I went with my sister to Ha-Bonim Beach, the north part of the natural reserve. It is also a lovely lagoon, with soft sand. It is also a place where you can have camping overnight. The beach located near Ha-Bonim Town. And there is also a skydiving spot over there!

After spending time on the beach, we took a short walk on the trail facing south. When we suddenly the “Shells Bay” revealed, it is a small bay, full with shells, of course, that seems to be taken from a movie. A very romantic spot! Shame that Naama wasn’t with me there!

Continue on we got to another panoramic viewpoint over the Mediterranean coastline.

We could continue on the trail, it keeps all the way to Dor Beach (no roundtrip), but we were hungry, it was very humid and we had only one car. So we came back to our car, turned on the air condition on full power and went to eat lunch at Zichron Yaakov XD


How to Get There?

You can come with public transportation only to Bonim Town, and from there, your only option is to hitchhike or a walk for 40-50 minutes. In my opinion, it would be better to come with a bus to the city of Zichron Yaakov or Fureidis (links for bus routes from Tel Aviv) and from there to take a taxi to the beach (5-7 minutes ride)

With a car it is much simpler, of course, just take highway 2-north and exit right to route 70 after passing Caesarea, then on the first left turn, turn to highway 4-north. After some minutes you will a sign for a way to Dor Beach from your left, and some minutes later a sign for a route to Bonim Beach also from your left.

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